Shuttle Info—from Portland Airport to ECETI (and then back)

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Shuttle Info—from Portland Airport to ECETI (and then back)

Post  ECETI Resevations on Mon May 10, 2010 11:34 am

Here is the name of the shuttle service that has been coming to and from the ECETI Ranch to the Portland Airport and surrounding Columbia Gorge area. **The cost is $120 per one way trip (from PDX Airport to ECETI Ranch). If you have more than one person in the shuttle you can split the cost between you.
Columbia Gorge Tours
Keith & Nancy Clarke
Hood River, OR
toll free 1-800-8990-5676
Another option:
Columbia Gorge Express Shuttle Service
Not sure on the cost of this one
Please book early for the 4th of July Conference as there will probably be many people needing a shuttle ride. Perhaps you can split the shuttle with others coming as well.
Blessings and see you soon!
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